Sketchup Woodworking Template

For example, 3D printing and woodworking require a high degree of precision, so the 3D printing and woodworking template units are either millimeters or inches. Digital fabrication at its finest. Use SketchUp to design your next woodworking project. Download a trial to see how easy our 3D sketch online tool is to use. Woodworking designs and templates and jigs. Download free SketchUp plans of Popular Woodworking Magazine projects, get tips & tutorials & learn how to use SketchUp like a pro. SketchUp is a great free program for planning your work.

But there is a tremendous amount of value to it even if you never draw a line. Printing out full size patterns is but one example. We've assembled a collection of models on Google's 3D Warehouse, and have the same collection categorized on our  SketchUp is a free 3D-modeling program, formerly owned by Google and now owned by Trimble. This SketchUp for woodworking blog will help you learn how to use SketchUp to create models of your woodworking plans. It's a great way to “ build” a project and work out the design, details and joinery before you take tools to  A neat tip for using SketchUp to make project templates. Every so often I field questions about how to print full size patterns from SketchUp models.

“In each of SketchUp's included templates, the default units reflect each template's application. ”