Woodwork Design Tools

WoodWorks connects architects and engineers with a variety of tools that support the wood design process—from links to design guides and standards to a growing library of CAD and REVIT details, carbon calculator, span tables, design software and more. Using the arc tool effectively. Tim Killen shows you his detailed process for tracing images using the arc tool Where's the Tipping Point . One of the many benefits of using SketchUp in the design of your projects is the ability to get all sorts of useful information out of it automatically. Joshua Farnsworth shows how to design woodworking projects on paper, using free woodworking design software, and by using traditional furniture ratios. I usually use autocad, but I'm wondering if there is a program specificly for designing things made of wood (2x4, plywood etc).

In Autocad I just make the pieces manually but it can get tedious for complex items, wondering if there's a program out there that will let me virtually "build" something with standard  I found SketchUp was simple to use with intuitive tools and an interface that seemed to know what I wanted to do. Within a few weeks, I was able to incorporate SketchUp into my work flow. I started with simple models that clearly illustrated my designs for clients. Soon after, I was creating detailed models that showed every  From a basic claw hammer to your Wagner Moisture Meter, learn more about tools 1-10 every woodworker needs to complete a woodworking project. Sketchup is good, and free. Here's a link to free tutorials for using it specifically for woodworking: http:///.

“Download a trial to see how easy our 3D sketch online tool is to use. ”